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  1. General Ice Fishing
    tried bait bomb (see bubbles rising in video) for first time and couldn't really tell if it attracted all that many fish but certainly didn't scare them away.
  2. Perch & Panfish
    So I had those 10 inch perch bunch of them decided to finally try one and WOW what a great taste I just fryed it in a pan with a sqaure of butter and some salt on it flipped it a few times till it was slightly dark golden brown and wow.. what a great taste! I now know I will be eating these...
  3. Perch & Panfish
    ,Hey Everyone !, So I went to Hammond river today in hope of some trout or something but landed a bunch of yellow Perch all around 8-10 " Inches in length if you like PanFish and eatting them I have about 9 Here Just post back here and or Personal Message me and pick them up whenever thanks ...
1-5 of 5 Results