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  1. General Ice Fishing
    not sure where
  2. Salmon Fishing
    28 reasons to catch and release This is a must read document on the catch and release of Atlantic Salmon and Grilse in New Brunswick, please take the time to read this, learn the facts of the fishery and share it with friends and fellow anglers. Tight lines...
  3. Salmon Fishing
    ant input about the NB Fishing Angler of the Year derby?
  4. Salmon Fishing
    Evening fellow anglers, I saw on DFO's Gulf Region Rec Fish webpage today that they are conducting two surveys to gather the public's views on both salmon and striped bass management in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence. They are saying the results of these surveys will be used for the...
  5. Salmon Fishing
    The management changes include: the expansion of the catch and release measures on the Northwest Miramichi River system, a reduction in the number of small salmon that can be retained for the season from eight to four in the Atlantic salmon recreational fishery and a reduction in the daily...
  6. Salmon Fishing
    As the title says , preferbly close to the saint john area or next best spot near by ! ?
  7. Trout Fishing
    I know of a lake That might Have some Decent trout in it Ive caught a few myself thier never went back it was late in the season Never tried it at the first of the open season But if thiers any takers let me know I'd be glad have someone come on out and try it with me ! Some of you may even...
  8. Salmon Fishing
    Now Im sure pretty sure anyway Just checking For NewBrunswicks Salmon act , I beleive so that it is Only Fly or can you catch salmon on spinning gear setup if Its not statted "FFO" and thier are salmon in that area? Also all salmon have to be released? Correct me if im wrong anywhere that's...
  9. General Fishing Questions
    If thier is any knowledge of Any local Saint John or sourounding Area's the hsot Tournaments Or Derbys Can you Please give me more information on it would be greatly appreciated !
  10. General Fishing Questions
    So just a few questions for anyone with past exprience of these baits, Have any of you tried or what do you think of PowerBaits and Berkley Baits in general? I bought Berkley PowerBait* Power Minows 2" Minows(18 count), Berkley Gulp* Earthworms, Berkley PowerBait* Trout Bait(Orange floating) and...
1-14 of 14 Results