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  1. Salmon Fishing
    Hello. I am new to the site and need some info if anyone could help. I am going to Stoney Brook on the last week of July/2017 and was wondering if the fishing is good at that time? If so, what flies are good ones to tie? I have never fished Salmon before and i'm very excited to do just that. I...
  2. Salmon Fishing
    28 reasons to catch and release This is a must read document on the catch and release of Atlantic Salmon and Grilse in New Brunswick, please take the time to read this, learn the facts of the fishery and share it with friends and fellow anglers. Tight lines...
  3. Salmon Fishing
    Does anyone know what typically is the best time to fish the North Pole stream? We're thinking of trying to go in early July. We've never fished it so any information in appreciated. Thanks!!!
  4. Salmon Fishing
    ant input about the NB Fishing Angler of the Year derby?
  5. Salmon Fishing
    Any word on Ice Conditions on the Main river? Any brave soles get a line in the water yet? I'm hoping to spend the weekend of the 25th around the Doaktown area, thoughts on whether the ice will be out or not?
  6. Salmon Fishing
    My darling Girl is trying to drag me to Bathurst for a weekend. In attempt to try and justify this trip for myself, I would like to spend some time with my Fly Rod in hand! I've heard wonderful things about the Nepisguit River, but have never been on it in my life. Is there lots of open water...
  7. Salmon Fishing
    DFO has put a new restriction in place, closing salmon fishing after 10:00am on the whole Miramichi system (including the Crown Reserves), starting Sunday.
  8. Salmon Fishing
    I am curious to know how to tell the difference between a landlocked salmon and a bright salmon, I was looking in the 2012 fishing booklet and I saw that the Nashwaak is open to landlock salmon fishing and I would like to know the difference between the two before I accidently keep a fish...
  9. Salmon Fishing
    As the title says , preferbly close to the saint john area or next best spot near by ! ?
  10. Salmon Fishing
    Now Im sure pretty sure anyway Just checking For NewBrunswicks Salmon act , I beleive so that it is Only Fly or can you catch salmon on spinning gear setup if Its not statted "FFO" and thier are salmon in that area? Also all salmon have to be released? Correct me if im wrong anywhere that's...
1-10 of 10 Results