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  1. General Fishing Questions
    Here is the new lead for the AOTY, any entries on the Spring lead after June 18 will count towards this. Enjoy the Summer's Fishing!! for the summer and fall I will not require the token - seems to cut down the number of entries, instead I will give a bonus 2000pts for each period/half month...
  2. General Fishing Questions
    This is the thread to post your entry pictures for NB Fishing Angler of the Year Winter Season. We are in the last half of the month, so this half month time period will end midnight Feb. 28 So far Retroboy is waaaaay in the lead, at 1000 points for his smelt posted in the gallery and noted as...
  3. General Fishing Questions
    This contest is open to NB fishers and fishers in NB. I encourage anyone interested to post there pictures in the entry thread for each season, you can post in the gallery but please note they are for the Angler of the Year and try not to post to many in the gallery, we do not want to disrupt...
  4. Lakes & Ponds
    Has anyone fished Lake George new Harvey this year? I know its pretty shallow in spots and rocky but are there any fish in it and if so what type?
1-4 of 4 Results