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  1. Striped Bass Fishing
    Anglers are restricted to the following gear types: 1) unbaited single barbless hook; 2) unbaited lure or spinner with a single barbless hook; 3) single barbless artificial fly; 4) baited or unbaited non-offset circle hook; 5) baited or unbaited lure or spinner with a non-offset circle hook...
  2. Gone Fishing
    Hey guys, anybody get their boat wet yet? I was hoping to get out on mine this week, but hard living in Moncton to see the water conditions at my usual fishing holes. Anybody know of any water within 2 hours that's ok to boat in yet? Hampton, or belle isle bay still in rough shape, or anyone...
  3. Striped Bass Fishing
    I am visiting Miramichi mid-May to fish stripers. Need a guide with a boat. Any info is much appreciated.
  4. Striped Bass Fishing
    Anybody having luck in Miramichi for Stripers? I would love to take the kids out one last time. Thanks for any info. Rob.
  5. Fishing in the News
  6. Trout Fishing
    I'm going to the miramichi sometime around june 24ish. I'm hopeing to get drawn for crown reserveWill there be any sea trout in the upper cains then? I know it's C&R and barbless but are double hooks legal?
  7. Rivers & Streams
    Thinking about taking a run up to the Miramichi area early Sunday morning. Debating between hitting the Cains to chase after some trout or up to the Northwest to maybe hook an early run bright. Anybody care to weigh in with an opinion? The Northwest would be a relativly new adventure for me...
1-7 of 7 Results