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  1. Trout Fishing
    Never caught a brown trout in my life would love to pm me or reply here if u wanna go out soemtime and help me land one or some advise ! :D
  2. General Fishing Questions
    I just started fishing off shore and I have a dock and when I was casting or the dock I saw a bunch like bubbles and it moved around the lake I was just wondering what it was
  3. Gone Fishing
    Good day to all, First thing: im sorry i might do some mistakes...english is not my first language. Im new to fishing here in NB, i did some shore fishing when i was a kid and everything was already set up for me...i just needed to throw the line! Finally the opportunity to fish showed up...
  4. Smallmouth Fishing
    Looking to see if anyone is interested in some small mouth Bass fishing tonight up at Lily Lake North saint john ? I been up last few weeks morning and nights and caught numerous small mouths Caught my largest yet out of lily lake A " 21.5 "inch small mouth bass " heavy bugger to, also caught a...
  5. Trout Fishing
    Hey guys I went up yesterday to a pond in the parking lot of fisher lakes not the birdge one its a pond before that in a parking lot caught a nice 11 1/2" Brook Trout, and then this morning a good 13" Brook trout in Lily Lake !?!?! I couldnt beleive it that I actually finally pulled a trout out...
  6. General Fishing Questions
    Has anyone fished it how is it for fishing and what species are all in it ? Good spot ?
  7. Trout Fishing
    I know of a lake That might Have some Decent trout in it Ive caught a few myself thier never went back it was late in the season Never tried it at the first of the open season But if thiers any takers let me know I'd be glad have someone come on out and try it with me ! Some of you may even...
  8. Fly Fishing
    Fly fishing any good early? For lakes or streams rivers brooks ponds creeks? If so what usual bites early new to fly fishing early season I fly fished but only in summer when it's good I was told but I here people fly fish early whenever really?
1-8 of 8 Results