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  1. General Fishing Questions
    Good Morning Anglers, I have a question about Burbot, as I am a little perplexed. Last night as I was reading up on the upcoming 2018 NB Paddler Series to check the schedule and locations. I noticed that the Oromocto (most local) tournament features a target species of Burbot. I have been...
  2. Gone Fishing
    Hi all, I have a buddy coming down from NS in July. We were planning on fishing for a weekend for pickerel and SMB. I read (I believe on this site) that Benton Pond had some good size for both? Any truth to this? And any idea on a good time of the month? I want to make his trip worth...
  3. General Fishing Questions
    I've read that there's incredible ecological diversity in the Reversing Falls area and associated nearby watershed. Walked the trail that overlooks the falls up in Milford (where I grew up) and seeing all that water down there makes me itchy to get out before it gets too cold. Now that I'm a...
  4. Canoes/Kayaks
    Newbie here (you'll be able to tell from some of the duh-no-brainer points that I make below), interested in taking on stripers, possibly this year if I can find a decent rod and set-up. Having experienced the pulling power of a four-pound smallmouth bass and a 3-foot pickerel from within my...
  5. Canoes/Kayaks
    Good day, Does anybody know where i can find parts for kayaks in Fredericton? I would like to put more storage on my kayak so i want to put an access hatch like this one. Thank you.
  6. Canoes/Kayaks
    Good day to all, I just bought a kayak and my fishing gear but now im looking at some spots where i can fish with my kayak and camp at night to start as soon as possible the day after!!! But not on a looking at more fun and excitement so i want to camp in the pure wilderness of...
1-6 of 6 Results