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  1. General Ice Fishing
    I'm a complete noob when it comes to ice fishing. Looking to try my luck in grand lake as I will be in Hart court this weekend. I'm looking to fish anything and everything. I've fished for smelts before but looking to expand into bigger fish. Are there any good spots not too far from the...
  2. General Ice Fishing
  3. General Ice Fishing
    Feel free to update on ice conditions around the province for the upcoming ice fishing season. Looks like there will be ice early this year if current conditions persist. Getting psyched!
  4. General Ice Fishing
    not sure where
  5. Smelt
    So I've had some good luck and a couple excellent feeds of smelt so far this year, and having pulled quite a few 9" and a couple 11" ones out at Dominion that seemed pretty durned big, I got to wondering about size distributions based on fishing locations. I'm hearing that the central tidal...
  6. General Fishing Questions
    hi, im new around here and ive only got one question. where is the best place to go ice fishing for fish other than smelt, something that will put up a fight. anything helps but i would like to know about places close to or in shediac rather than hours away thank you for your answers ahead...
  7. General Ice Fishing
    I was wondering if we could compile a listing of all the places that are good for Ice Fishing around the Saint John, Rothesay area. I only know of two places: Cameron road and Renforth wharf. Thanks for your input... S
  8. General Ice Fishing Doesn't look like much has changed from last year, although a summary of "other" and related news follows. Ice fishing villages are getting a LOT of attention after last year's horrible winter caused a huge mess...
  9. Smelt
    I'm curious as to how different people rig for smelt when angling. I've been experimenting and found the most consistency with a simple small-hooks set-up with three Mustad #10's tied in drop-loop knot, and a quarter-ounce sinker. I know a few people prefer to use a coloured or flashy jig as a...
  10. General Ice Fishing
    Hey guy's, well last year i was one of the crazy people that went out ice fishing December 14th...and might repeat that this year... only thing is i dont have an ice status and i live in the miramichi area...could anyone living in the french/maquapit lake area's possibly give me an ice status...
  11. Gone Fishing
    Check out this link below. Spiny Dogfish Shark was caught in the Kennebecasis River a few days ago while Ice Fishing.
  12. General Ice Fishing
    Got this off NB Muskie site.
  13. General Ice Fishing
    So I'm seeing a mix of people with ice shacks and portable/pop-up ice shelters and am thinking about getting one of the latter as I'm not the best of carpenters (massive understatement there, massive!). It would be nice to go portable and get some perch as well as smelt, or have my kids come...
1-19 of 19 Results