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  1. Fishing in the News
    Will update with a link if I can find it later. Key points - They'd like a system similar to other provinces where rivers are color coded (you can keep 4 grilse on this green-coded one, one on that orange-coded one, etc.) - Moratorium is for one year only at this time - Minister was...
  2. Fishing in the News
    Page A4 for those who get the paper. I can't cut-and-paste from online so here's the summary. - Miramichi Salmon Association calls for an unrestricted striped bass season in the Miramichi estuary to control populations that are eating salmon smolt. - Population of stripers there is estimated...
  3. Conservation
    Folks, I joined this group because I figured people who love fishing might share the concern about the Sisson Mining project. This is touted to be the largest open-pit mine in the world. They're looking to extract tungsten and molybdemum and will have a tailings pond that measures 640 hectares...
1-3 of 3 Results