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  1. General Fishing Questions
    Has any tried Mystery Tackle Box and/or Lucky Tackle Box? I have my first one coming in any day now and was just wondering what everyone's opinion is on them. Cheers, Jeff
  2. Gone Fishing
    Hi all, I have a buddy coming down from NS in July. We were planning on fishing for a weekend for pickerel and SMB. I read (I believe on this site) that Benton Pond had some good size for both? Any truth to this? And any idea on a good time of the month? I want to make his trip worth...
  3. Gone Fishing
    I'm going up to Fredericton from Moncton tomorrow to pick up some stuff. I've heard fishing can be good in that area although I've never been fishing there. Any suggestions on where I could stop by for a few hours while i'm in the area? Any type of fish is good, just looking to fish from the bank.
  4. Gone Fishing
    Hi I'm a Steeves who lives in Albert County and fishes a lot...... I know places that you will catch fish ( Any fish you want to catch) I have spots that you can walk to. Or we will walk for a bit..No problem at all. If you want to get ahold of me and go fishing, Hit me with a message...
  5. Smallmouth Fishing
    any input about the NB Fishing Angler of the Year contest?
  6. Fly Fishing
    So I've been lucky to get out with the Saint John Kayak Angling Group quite a bit since the summer, but have not done much fly fishing since moving to New Brunswick. To be honest, I had not done much before either and am really pretty new to it. I'm looking to get together with anyone who would...
  7. General Fishing Questions
    Hello, I am going fishing in Washademoak Lake area, can anyone PM me some advise? We will be looking for pickrel, bass etc. As this is a tournament among a few friends, what should I do.... to win... ha ha... This Saturday we are going.
  8. Fly Fishing
    Hey All, Went fishing on Indian Lake last night - was my first time ever fishing a lake, or on a boat for that matter. The fish were jumping like crazy, but was hard to tell whether they were picks or bass or even trout. I tried every fly in my box, 3 different whooly buggers, a leach streamer...
  9. Smallmouth Fishing
    Has anyone been having any luck fishing for Bass in the Kennebecasis River? Been down fishing it and have been hooking on to everything but, If so what have you been using?
  10. Smallmouth Fishing
    Looking to see if anyone is interested in some small mouth Bass fishing tonight up at Lily Lake North saint john ? I been up last few weeks morning and nights and caught numerous small mouths Caught my largest yet out of lily lake A " 21.5 "inch small mouth bass " heavy bugger to, also caught a...
  11. Smallmouth Fishing
    Hey guys, new on the site. Just got into smallmouth bass fishing this year and I was wondering from your more experienced guys, what is the closest launch site for a bass boat, from Moncton? I want to go often next season, so the closer to my home, the better. thanks, much appreciated! Paul
  12. General Fishing Questions
    What sport fish are looking looking to dive into ? Where is everyone going for lakes? If anyone catches something in the lakes for opening day on the 1st Tuesday*, You should post your Catch here and share I know I will! I hope the up coming opening day for Lakes is a good one for everyone and...
  13. Striped Bass Fishing
    Anyone Ctach stripers at Rversing Falls if so what would be ideal baits to use? Specificly explained and why, I'd love to battle a striper never had the honour of hooking one I'd love to tomorrow ! Please reply Thanks All !
1-13 of 13 Results