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  1. Lures & Lure Making
    Take a piece of bread without crust (the size of a fist) and meshed potatoes. Put all this together in a ratio of 5:1 and stir until until the mixture is the consistency of the dough. Then add fat or margarine in order to give viscosity of this mass. Just add a little (about a pinch), sugar...
  2. Trout Fishing
    I know of a lake That might Have some Decent trout in it Ive caught a few myself thier never went back it was late in the season Never tried it at the first of the open season But if thiers any takers let me know I'd be glad have someone come on out and try it with me ! Some of you may even...
  3. General Fishing Questions
    So just a few questions for anyone with past exprience of these baits, Have any of you tried or what do you think of PowerBaits and Berkley Baits in general? I bought Berkley PowerBait* Power Minows 2" Minows(18 count), Berkley Gulp* Earthworms, Berkley PowerBait* Trout Bait(Orange floating) and...
1-3 of 3 Results