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#24937 plan to kill bass off in NB back in the plan for DNR

Posted by Rick G on 04 October 2013 - 05:45 PM

There are places in Europe today where catch and release angling is illegal. If you are fishing and catch it you have to immediately kill it. This is legislation engineered by the anti's because they couldn't get fishing banned so they tried a back door approach. Now less people fish because they did not want to kill them. Partial victory for the anti's. Makes me wonder if the anglers were so busy fighting amongst themselves that they never saw the real enemy coming.
One day they are going to show up in our backyard in one guise or another. Instead of being tagged as a bass angler or a trout angler or a salmon angler or---, wouldn't it be great if we were all just fellow anglers who shared a common love of the sport not just a specific species. Then we could band together as a large group to make sure the anti's don't get in the back door here.
I am involved with the discussions going at DNRE on these proposed regulation changes and I believe from all of the Salmon research papers I have read that Bass are not the problem. In our first meeting on this issue we asked for some of the Salmon groups to be invited to the next meeting and they will be represented which is great. We are blessed with a wonderful resource with multiple species to suit all styles of angling and we need to preserve all of it for future generations.
The last Survey on Recreational angling in the Province of New Brunswick pretty much splits the expenditures by anglers in half. About 50% to the Saint John River Basin and the other half to the rest of the Province. The half that is spent on the Saint John River Basin is, for the most part, on warm water species. The other half is more towards cold water species such as the Atlantic Salmon. Both sectors generate large amounts of revenue for our Province and all of it is important.
Do I think that the Salmon are coming back in the Saint John River Basin? Based on the research I have read, I don't believe so but there are others who would disagree with me. I think that the DNRE should allocate their resources where it will get the most bang for the limited amount they have to spend and that the bulk of the money being spent on Salmon should go to Zones 1 through 5 where they can have the greatest impact. I am not saying to ignore the Saint John fish but there has been a ton of money put into it over the years with no return.
The research papers say that the river is too warm in the summer for Salmon to survive and global warming is not going away. The research says that extensive clear cutting has reduced cover on the rivers and streams also contributing to rising water temperatures. Agricultural runoff dirties up the water and reduces oxygen levels to life threatening levels. I have personally seen the St. John River chocolate brown from Hartland all the way down to where I live at Longs Creek. There are increased phosphate loads in the water system due to the need to have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood. Fertilizer and pestisides end up in the water shed further reducing water quality. The warm water species tolerate it better than trout and salmon. The Salmon that do survive go out to sea and don’t come back. The smolts that migrate out of the river disappear and no one knows why. I do know that the Bass didn’t eat them in the Bay of Fundy but they are still gone. If you take the time to search it out there is a ton of scientific research on what the problems are with Atlantic Salmon and very few of them assign blame to Smallmouth Bass.
As anglers we need to come together and fix what we can fix without pointing fingers at each other. Wouldn’t it be great when the anti’s have come to New Brunswick to sit around the fire with some fellow anglers, maybe with a nice cold one, and be able to say “ I’ll bet they wish they had never showed their faces here because we're stronger together.”
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#5749 New NB INVASIVE SPECIES website launched

Posted by Jim VE9WH on 11 April 2011 - 08:44 PM

I don't mean to offend you or anything but the problem with the smallmouth is that people don't take it seriously enough. People come from all over the world to fish our salmon, they can go anywhere warm in the world to fish smallmouth/largemouth bass. We are not going to have an industry if things progress the way they are now. I would much rather have zero smallmouth and still have a chance to catch a big salmon!

Why would I be offended? I do take the problem seriously but smallmouth are in this province to stay, they were introduced legally about 130 years ago by DNR. People taking their limit and then some every day may also have something to do with the decline in salmon and trout populations. When was the last time you saw a BBQ's salomon get back in a river to spawn, but talk to a bass fisherman nd ask him how many smallmouth he kept, 99% will say none. I personally know of a guy that last year took over 75 trout in 1 day and his friend had a similar catch and the next day they headed out to do it again. Unfortunatley I could get a copy of the picture because they knew I would give it to DNR. Yes the spread of smallmouth is a problem but smallmouth aren't the only problem.
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#84 TIDE Times

Posted by DeadFish on 01 June 2010 - 02:38 PM

Like to know when the low and high tides are?

All this information is here for you:


or if you want more specific locations:


Select your location and presto...tic toc tidal times

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#83746 If everybody could help just a little

Posted by NBhunter80 on 19 October 2014 - 01:39 PM

Now that the season is coming to an end, if everybody could help clean up our rivers, lakes and streams just a little bit, it would make a big difference in keeping our province beautiful. Since I was enjoying my Sunday break from the deer stand, I decided to take a visit to some of my favorite pools on the upper Hammond river and help clean up some garbage left behind by less responsible individuals. I visited the pools in Smithtown, Titusville, and Upham, and took a few garbage bags full of junk off the river bank. Smithtown was by far the worst, and I could have spent all day removing garbage from the Smithtown bridge pool alone. Anyway, I'm not trying to tell anybody what to do or anything, but every little bit helps, and it would be great if any of you could find the time to visit one of your local public fishing spots and bring some trash back with you to help clean up our province so our children will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. Thanks in advance to any of you who are doing your part so everybody can enjoy the amazing resources that we have here in NB!
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#82962 My first season in Moncton_Cannan river

Posted by Striperfan on 12 October 2014 - 05:36 PM

I will help anyone with fishing tips! I will not give out good spots! I did that once, and have regreted it ever since! I brought one friend with me once, we went to a favorite trout spot of mine! Plenty of fish, I'm strickly c & r, so was my friend! He told one guy he knew about this spot, next thing I know there's Tim's cups everywhere, old fishing line on the bank, empty tubs of ice cream and margerine that were used for worms! Almost all the small trees and bushes were cut to make rod stands! This happened within two seasons! Used to be able to catch some nice trout, but not antmore! The one good thing about all this, is when the fish are all gone no one goes there anymore! So the trout have made a comeback! It only took about ten years, but still not what it was! I will help anyone with tips and tricks, I will teach you what I know about tackle and catchin fish, specialy young kids, I have a 14 month old daughter that I hope will love to fish as much as I do, but I will never give any good spots again! That is my choice! Everyone has there own ways, everyone will do what they want! It's not up me to say who is right or wrong! I would like to believe that everyone has good intentions, and help out as much as they can! There was this other spot I use to fish, accsess was on private land, this place was pristean, then all of a sudden we were not aloud to go there anymore, not because there were no more fish, but the garbage that was left behind, people were getting stuck, or just trying to get stuck with 4 x 4's and digging up the road that the owner had to pay out of his pocket to fix! So sometime it's not only the fish, it's the distruction of the land and propety! I've carried out coop bags full of garbage evrytime I go fishing! There is nothing worse than enjoying a good hike and finding Tim's cups everywhere! I have no problem with someone giving out info on honey holes, that is your choice! I have no say in what you do! But just like it's my choice not to say anything! The old saying goes once bitten twice shy!I belive the reason some of us are closed mouth about fishing spots, is that at one time or other we said something to someone we thought we could trust, but got burnt as a result of what happened to a favorite fishing spot! Like I said, I will help anyone, anytime with fishing!

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#82442 My first season in Moncton_Cannan river

Posted by Lokithx on 09 October 2014 - 01:11 PM

Now you're turning this quite personal with me. You're opening a can of worms now.


Unlike yourself bob, I actively contribute to this community instead of just lecturing like an old man on his porch. I -never- get into specifics about where any of my footage is shot. If you can identify the shore based on where I shoot something, you clearly already know what it is. You might see the odd spot or two (say for example a bridge in hampton) that is pretty damn easy to figure out where it is. And because of this I make no effort in hiding it. I keep my shots as non specific as I can, and if you can identify where I am fishing based on that, please do PM me. I can count on one hand how frequently I keep telling landmarks in my shots, and when I do its because I feel they're pretty darn public to begin with. I still don't explicitly explain where they are. I value this community and try to actively contribute to it.


If others are on the same page I can simply stop making content. I don't monetize from it, I simply do it to entertain people. And I've had an overwhelmingly positive response from it. I've networked from it and never once has someone been upset saying I share too much information publicly. If someone did, I would take their concern with a lot of gravity because I know what its like to have your cherished information threatened.


Since we're turning this personal now, I will point out to everyone how laughable you are in encouraging sharing information so public until it comes to your own guarded spots and techniques. Lets discuss how guarded you are about your "honey holes" on the kennebecasis for stripers, deflecting your unwillingness to share it to the public as not wanting to ruffle feathers. Clearly you really are highly concerned about stirring a pot, and that its not because you also have information locations you'd personally like to keep healthy. It has nothing to do with that I'm sure.


Unfortunately bob we all don't have access to an aging mentality and a boat that enables us to simply keep away from crowding. Unfortunately I wade the Canaan for 5 - 6 hours a night for half a week stumbling over rocks in the tea coloured water and half break my neck sometimes scouting spots. I invest gas and time, I never came here when I started looking for a handout. The places I've found are effective, but so is my keen understanding of the migration of fish in that river now. I keep this guarded because I do see an abundance of bucket fishermen at one of the locations marked that have absolutely wrecked what I consider one of the finest holes in that spot. When I shoot my videos, I'm not in a boat with unidentifiable water surrounding me. I'm in the water, working with what I have.


If I ever had backlash about what I do like the way I receive PMs about your ridiculous mentality, I would strongly reconsider what I do. But for now, I feel I'm not being a hypocrite as you so fondly imply. I'm simply sharing in a way I feel is non specific. Sorry you're too daft to wrap your mind around that.

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#74 Conservative Approach

Posted by gdog on 01 June 2010 - 01:09 PM

"Only photos of fish that appear to have been caught legally and be in a releasable condition are permitted. We are dedicated towards a conservation approach to angling in this great province."

In particular "We are dedicated towards a conservation approach to angling in this great province."

What are you saying, if I keep my fish then I'm against all this? I understand and respect the fact you would like to keep it a "Live" picture archive only, but the way this rule reads is like a slap in the face for those of us who enjoy to keep a mess of trout so that we may enjoy a nice feed; because like you, I too am dedicated towards a conservation approach to angling in this great province.

I'm a little disappointed, gotta be honest. I keep my fish to eat them and I do not waste. I switch up my spots to not fish out the holes.
I respect the rules, limits and regulations and take care of the environment while I fish, even clean up after those before me that don't' have so much respect.

I want my children to enjoy the sport and industry as I have. Would you agree the opinion in the rule could just be removed and leave it at -
Only photos of fish that appear to have been caught legally and be in a releasable condition are permitted.

Why the dig?

I agree! This is a very good point.
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#2851 a damn shame and no need for it

Posted by nbdeerhunter on 11 August 2010 - 01:54 PM

Caught word of this and thought I would pass it on
While fishing the Crawford stretch on the NW on the weekend.  The stretch is full of fish - or was - not long after they got there, you guessed it - a whole crew of natives arrived.  With the water low the salmon had no chance - they simply drug nets down through all the pools - right in front of Mike and the guys.  It was a slaughter.  He said there were guys dragging the nets and a bunch of others holding poles - they were hanging the salmon on the poles - one guy on each end.  He said there were a couple hens so big they could hardly lift them.  A few insults were hurled, but no physical incident occured.  According to the log book this had happened to the party before as well. 

there is no need for this and it HAS to stop!!!!******* greedy bastards
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#19495 Who would be interested in learning a few new spots?

Posted by Homebrew76 on 04 April 2013 - 01:46 PM

Hey James,

Check out my profile as it pretty much tells what experience I have (or lack thereof) in NB for fishing. I have had a couple of messages with some guys on here and hope to get some fishing trips in with them this year in the area, and would be happy to head out on the canoe or in the woods with you as well if your looking for fishing company.

Your interests mention family and fishing. I've got 5 and 2 year old boys. If you have a son that fishes, I'm sure a 2 family fishing trip would probably go over really well.

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#157610 Crown stretches?

Posted by Brent on 06 June 2017 - 12:01 PM

Please don't feel like your post is being ignored.

I've been married for 45 years, and I just don't know how to respond to that. :D


(perhaps you could help us out by identifying what makes a specific stretch 'too challenging'?)


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#150818 NW Miramichi spawning dates in past

Posted by NWbassman on 04 April 2017 - 07:11 PM

Last year spawning activity started in May 12th. This was a bit earlier than usual as we had an early spring. Spawning activity normally starts around the third week of May. I usually post on how fishing is, water conditions, spawning activity and what worked for me pretty well on a daily basis on the topic "Stripers biting on the Miramichi" I live in Red Bank so I usually post on these things around the Red Bank/Cassillis area. I do fish further down river in and around Miramichi at times and talk to other fisherman on a daily basis so I have a pretty good idea on how fishing is on the Northwest. If you have any questions this season feel free to inbox me or post a question under the topic stripers biting on the miramichi as besides myself there are a lot of fisherman who post there each time they have been out fishing stripers on the miramichi so there is a wealth of up to date info there once the season begins.
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#13133 Let's get Striped Bass sport fish status!

Posted by Noelco on 10 May 2012 - 05:33 PM

One of the problems with stripers being abundant, is the same i see for all species...certain types of people abuse them. I have seen them stuffed into backpacks, coolers etc..and taking home every one they catch no matter the size. I realize those that post on here may not do the below, but believe me, i have seen it lots of times.
.I don't see how classing them as a sport fish would be a benifit..then the feds would be sticking their noses into the mix...and we all know how that goes. I like the regulations that are in place now. In todays world there are cell phones..everytime I see someone abusing the regulations, I get thier license and call it in. Call me what you want but, I am over 50 and am sick and tired of people fishing without a license, keeping over the limit, throwing dead fish and bleeding fish back after they have caught their limit, fishing non opened water, using boats with wrong motors or when no boats allowed etc..etc.. We responsible anglers need to do a lot of the policing ourselves.
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#128906 Bagging Brook Trout.

Posted by NBhunter80 on 07 April 2016 - 09:27 PM

I personally have no problem with people keeping trout in moderation, but I feel that there is some lack of common sense displayed by some anglers.  Some individuals do not respect the rules, or take full advantage of every allowance in the rule book by limiting out every day and either consuming or giving away fish just so they can continue to kill more.  Both of those behaviours are completely irresponsible IMO.  We can do our part by reporting those breaking the rules, and educating those who are not following the rules in a responsible manner.  What I mean by lack of common sense is that just because the government allows you to keep 5 trout per day doesn't mean you should keep your limit every time you go out, and keep a continuous buffer of trout in the freezer.  Keeping fish should be respected as a privilege, and should always be done in moderation.  


With regards to trout population, I personally had one of my best years ever last year for brook trout, and I have been trout fishing in NB for the better part of 30 years (grew up in Ontario before that).  Perhaps that is because I explored more un-touched waters where I know for sure that nobody else was fishing, but either way I actually saw more larger fish this year than in the past 5 years. Out of the hundreds of trout I caught last year, I only kept maybe a dozen; 4 good ones to feed my family and eight or so that were not going to survive if released.  I live on the Hammond river, and I am fortunate enough to have several amazing trout pools on my property.  I get much more enjoyment from catching a couple trout and helping my son catch some, while letting most of them go rather than cleaning out every trout in the holding pools.  I also enjoyed many evenings down by the river with my son just watching the trout jump up the riffles from pool to pool, and not even throwing a line in.  If I limited out every day, there would be nothing left.  As was mentioned before, there are some individuals who will either clean out all 50 trout from the pool, or continue to limit out day after day, year after year, even when they notice serious declines in population in a given body of water.  Just because the license says you can limit out every day, does not mean it is the responsible thing to do.  A little common sense goes a long way for conservation. 


With that being said, I feel that some folks who are advocates for strictly catch and release could use some work on how to tactfully deliver their message without sounding condescending or degrading.  I am an avid fly fisherman and bow hunter, and with both of those activities I encounter this "holier than thou" attitude quite often.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone who goes to crappy tire and buys a $15 dollar spinning combo, a lucky strike spinner, some hooks and a pack of night crawlers in order to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and put a few trout in the freezer a couple times per year.  That is not irresponsible.  Even the most proficient catch and release anglers kill fish unintentionally, and I would argue that a C&R pro who fishes every day probably kills more trout in a year unintentionally than a weekend warrior with spinning tackle who puts a dozen trout in the freezer every season.  Now the littering, disrespecting of land and the environment is another issue, but I am talking more about conservation.  We should be promoting our sport by being good stewards of the environment, as well as sharing the message about conservation in a helpful manner rather than belittling individuals who are just trying to get out to enjoy fishing and keep a couple fish. 

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#12728 striped bass in the petitcodiac

Posted by Perry on 29 April 2012 - 10:28 PM

acac I just deleted your post as it was trolling and showed disrespect to members who offer great advice when asked for. You will be disabled if you continue this activity.
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#120297 Eel fishing (Fouiner)

Posted by Atoqwa'su on 14 January 2016 - 02:13 PM

A bit of eel trivia for you: Did you know that all the eels you catch are female, and that they live their whole life in that river of yours from the time they arrived as a glass eel from the sea? They spend roughly 14 years there, then they head out to the Sargasso Sea to mate and die. Some even argue that they are neither male nor female while in the rivers, but that they become one or the other en-route to the Sargasso Sea.

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#110481 Some have no respect

Posted by TheRealCraigAC on 16 July 2015 - 06:39 AM

I went tubing last weekend and am prod to say our group of 9 left nothing in the water.


The place we went to (Nashwaak River Tubing I believe) checks for glass and employs scuba divers in the fall to clean up that stretch of the river. I doubt that all tubing companies do that but it is nice to see one that is responsible.

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#110217 Release today, catch tomorrow

Posted by bnoseworthy on 14 July 2015 - 10:03 PM

In lieu of some recent posts seen on Facebook, I'd like to remind everyone that you don't have to keep everything you catch. After hearing of a guy bragging about retaining 130 striped bass in a day on the Miramichi (there's pictures to boot) Treble Threat fishing team would like to remind everyone to practice catch and release to combat the effects of overfishing.

Now that doesn't mean release everything you hook, but treat nature and our delicate river systems and fish populations with the utmost respect.

We're blessed to have the fishing we have, and let's try our hardest to keep it that way.

Tight lines everyone, and cheers

The Treble Threat fishing team.




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#107641 Is littering (as in leaving your blue worm tubs) illegal everywhere in NB?

Posted by Micropterus on 23 June 2015 - 09:36 AM

You can tell a lot about the kind of people there are in the world just from those you see out on the water. Unfortunately, the bums who litter, disregard regulations and have no clue what conservation is far out number those of who are civilized human beings. The worm tubs and beer cans show that Neanderthals still walk among us...either that or all the mercury from the multitudes of trout they and their forefathers poached over the years have degraded their genes and deteriorated their brain cells! 

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#104898 2015 Season

Posted by Retroboy on 31 May 2015 - 11:30 AM

> 9895823598340593845 KM


Typo, pal. The fourth 8 should be a 7. Accuracy next time, k? :)

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#63689 Crooked Creek

Posted by Wardo on 09 June 2014 - 11:42 AM

that's bull crap there are many places that fish don't grow to that size ..


Then Stroover's suggestion wouldn't affect those places.  His suggestion would still allow you to keep 5 between 10-30cm as normal, it only affects the amount of 30cm+ fish you retain.  It's not an unreasonable suggestion, it's similar to the system in place for lots of species in NB (Min+Max Limits).

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